+CMS Error 500

Added by stevensu over 9 years ago


I send a message using my library. Sometime i send it get +CMS Error 500 and then resend again it get +CMGS: OK.. See my log below:

2010-01-18 16:13:31 Sending: AT+CMGS=23
2010-01-18 16:13:32 Received: AT+CMGS=23

2010-01-18 16:13:32 Sending: 07912618485400F931FF0B818091122222F300000B0AEBB41B346EAF41F21F
2010-01-18 16:13:33 Received: 07912618485400F931FF0B818091122222F300000B0AEBB41B346EAF41F21F
2010-01-18 16:13:36 Received:

2010-01-18 16:13:40 Sending: AT+CMGS=23
2010-01-18 16:13:41 Received: AT+CMGS=23

2010-01-18 16:13:41 Sending: 07912618485400F931FF0B818091122222F300000B0AEBB41B346EAF41F21F
2010-01-18 16:13:42 Received: 07912618485400F931FF0B818091122222F300000B0AEBB41B346EAF41F21F
2010-01-18 16:13:45 Received:
+CMGS: 0


What's wrong?

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RE: +CMS Error 500 - Added by admin over 9 years ago


+CMS: 500 is unknown error.

Can you try with a different operator to see if this problem is still encountered?

RE: +CMS Error 500 - Added by stevensu over 9 years ago

Do you remember for the bugs that i ever issued for the CMS Error? I think it happened again. When I test trying sending message w\from the terminal it return CMS Error. But from your demo program it's not...

RE: +CMS Error 500 - Added by stevensu over 9 years ago

How about when sending message it returns ERROR? And after retry sending again. Sometime it successed and sometime it failed. Now I'm testing using SIEMEN C55..