PDUlib SMSCenter Timestamp

Added by dh 17 days ago


I am evaluating PDULib and want to use it for composing/parsing PDU strings.
I need to get timestamp assigned to SMS message by SMS center.
I see this value in string representation of Pdu class (using ToString() method).
It's written like
TP-SCTS: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 18:31:22 GMT+8:00
But I can't find any property/function of Pdu class which will return this value.is
Please advice how can I get this value.

Thanks in advance,

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RE: PDUlib SMSCenter Timestamp - Added by admin 17 days ago


That is the SmsDeliveryPdu

TP-SCTS = Timestamp.ToString("r") + this.Timezone

You should check the Timestamp and Timezone property. Cast the pdu to SmsDeliveryPdu if necessary.