Error: An entry with the same key already exists. when parallel connect modem

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Hi admin,
I try to connect Parallel modem (For 10 usb at a time)
// Parallel
foreach (var modemInfo in arrModemPortAndDeviceID) {
() => {
ScanCOMPortForModem(modemInfo.Port, modemInfo.DeviceID);

It throws Error: An entry with the same key already exists. Can you help me?

private IMobileGateway Connect(string portName)
MessageGateway<IMobileGateway, MobileGatewayConfiguration> messageGateway =
MessageGateway<IMobileGateway, MobileGatewayConfiguration>.NewInstance();
var config = MobileGatewayConfiguration.NewInstance();
config.PortName = portName;
config.BaudRate = PortBaudRate.BitsPerSecond115200; // TODO
config.DataBits = PortDataBits.Eight; // TODO
config.LicenseKey = LicenseKey;
config.DeleteReceivedMessage = true;
config.SafeConnect = true;
config.SafeDisconnect = true;
return messageGateway.Find(config);

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RE: Error: An entry with the same key already exists. when parallel connect modem - Added by admin over 8 years ago


Do you have stack trace that you can provide?


RE: Error: An entry with the same key already exists. when parallel connect modem - Added by zl over 3 years ago

I'm having the same problem as stated above. I'm using the latest library version from NuGet (1.8.3) on a x64 windows 10. I'm always getting the error "An entry with the same key already exists.":

  Nachricht = Ein Eintrag mit dem gleichen Schlüssel ist bereits vorhanden.
  Quelle = System
   at System.Collections.Specialized.ListDictionary.Add(Object key, Object value)
   at MessagingToolkit.Core.Log.Logger.Init(LogProfile logprofile)
   at MessagingToolkit.Core.Log.Logger.UseSensibleDefaults(String logFileName, String logLocation, LogLevel logLevel, LogNameFormat logNameFormat)
   at MessagingToolkit.Core.Mobile.BaseMobileGateway`1.PerformSetup()
   at MessagingToolkit.Core.Mobile.MobileGatewayFactory.Find()
   at MessagingToolkit.Core.MessageGateway`2.Find(C config)
   at GatewayDiscoveryCmd.Program.GetGatewayInfo(String portName) in c:\users\felix\source\repos\GatewayDiscoveryCmd\GatewayDiscoveryCmd\Program.cs:line 68
   at GatewayDiscoveryCmd.Program.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<Main>b__0() in c:\users\felix\source\repos\GatewayDiscoveryCmd\GatewayDiscoveryCmd\Program.cs:line 31
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InnerInvoke()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

Here is sample exmple code (console application) to reproduce the issue.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.IO.Ports;
using System.Threading;
using MessagingToolkit.Core;
using MessagingToolkit.Core.Mobile;

namespace GatewayDiscoveryCmd
    class Program
        public struct GatewayInfo
            public String Port { get; set; }

            public String DeviceModel { get; set; }

            public String DeviceManufacturer { get; set; }

        static void Main(string[] args)
            string[] ports = SerialPort.GetPortNames();
            List<Task<GatewayInfo>> discoveryTasks = new List<Task<GatewayInfo>>();

            Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Scanning {0} ports ...", ports.Length));

            foreach (string port in ports)
                Task<GatewayInfo> task = Task<GatewayInfo>.Factory.StartNew(() => GetGatewayInfo(port));


            foreach (Task<GatewayInfo> task in discoveryTasks)
                GatewayInfo gatewayInfo = task.Result;
                Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Gateway at port {0} is model {1} by {2}", gatewayInfo.Port, gatewayInfo.DeviceModel, gatewayInfo.DeviceManufacturer));

        private static GatewayInfo GetGatewayInfo(string portName)
            // TODO Remove this statement if everything goes well, its only for debugging
            Console.WriteLine("Task created at {0} on thread #{1}.", DateTime.Now.Ticks, Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId);

            // Predefine the model and manufacturer
            string deviceModel = "";
            string deviceManufacturer = "";

            MessageGateway<IMobileGateway, MobileGatewayConfiguration> messageGateway = MessageGateway<IMobileGateway, MobileGatewayConfiguration>.NewInstance();

            MobileGatewayConfiguration mobileGatewayConfiguration = MobileGatewayConfiguration.NewInstance();
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.GatewayId = portName;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.PortName = portName;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.BaudRate = PortBaudRate.BitsPerSecond115200;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.DataBits = PortDataBits.Eight;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.StopBits = PortStopBits.One;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.DtrEnable = true;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.RtsEnable = true;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.Parity = PortParity.None;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.Handshake = PortHandshake.None;
            mobileGatewayConfiguration.DisablePinCheck = true;

            // Find the mobile gateway according to the configuration
            IMobileGateway mobileGateway = messageGateway.Find(mobileGatewayConfiguration);

            if (null == mobileGateway)
                throw new Exception("The mobile gateway could not be initialized! Please check the log files!");

            // Get the device information
            deviceModel = mobileGateway.DeviceInformation.Model;
            deviceManufacturer = mobileGateway.DeviceInformation.Manufacturer;

            // Disconnect the mobile gateway
            mobileGateway = null;

            return new GatewayInfo { Port = portName, DeviceModel = deviceModel, DeviceManufacturer = deviceManufacturer };

RE: Error: An entry with the same key already exists. when parallel connect modem - Added by zl over 3 years ago

Crazy, seems to work after disabling the watchdog...