MessagingToolkit MMS Release 1.1 is out

Added by admin almost 11 years ago

In this C# release of MMS library, a C# implementation of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is bundled together.

You can now use the MMS library and WAP client library to send and receive MMS through MM1 and MM7 protocols.

This library will be integrated to the core library soon. You should expect to see MMS sending and receiving features in the next release of the core library.

The subproject website is available at

Bulk Gateway Source Code Included in Release

Added by admin about 11 years ago

We have decided to include the source code of Bulk Gateway in release

Bulk Gateway source code will show you how to use multiple gateway feature available in the library to send out messages in bulk.

This release is not a patch release. The only difference is the inclusion of the Bulk Gateway source code.


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