• CDP

    CDP is a Java based content delivery platform which aims to deliver a content filtering proxy, content indexing and categorization engine, and content analysis and delivery engine.

    • CDP Proxy

      CDP proxy is a content filtering proxy which can be used to filter web pages and only retrieve the real content the page is meant for by removing advertisements, unnecessary back links, etc. It uses the host file from

  • messagingtoolkit

    messagingtoolkit is a .NET C# messaging library that can be used to send and receive messages using any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone connected to the PC serial port through serial cable, infrared or bluetooth. It can also be used to send and receive MMS using MM1 protocol, and SMS using SMPP protocol....

    • messagingtoolkit-mms

      messagingtoolkit-mms is a C# and Java library that can be used to encode and decode MMS. The encoded MMS can be sent to a MMSC through MM7 protocol, GPRS/3G modem or GPRS/3G handsets through MM1 protocol.

      For the C# version, a demo program is available to show how to encode and decode a MMS message. A WAP client library is also included. The WAP client library is used to send and receive MMS through MM1 protocol using a GPRS/3G modem....

    • messagingtoolkit-pdu

      MessagingToolkit PDU library is a subproject of MessagingToolkit, featuring a library that can be used to encode and decode SMS in PDU format.

      PDU Library Demo Screen

    • messagingtoolkit-qrcode

      QRCode Library is a .NET component that can be used to encode and decode QRCode. QRCode is a 2 dimensional bar code that originated in Japan. Nowadays it is widely used in a wide range of industries, e.g. for vehicle parts tracking and inventory management....

    • messagingtoolkit-smartgateway

      SmartGateway allows you to set up your message gateway easily. The expected features

      • Support multiple gateways
      • Incoming and outgoing SMS in XML so that you easily integrate it with external applications
      • Command line utilities to send SMS
      • External program or PowerShell scripts can be triggered using rules for sent/received messages...
  • messagingtoolkit-barcode
    MessagingToolkit Barcode library is a C# barcode library that can be used in

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