messagingtoolkit SMS/MMS library is a .NET managed library which consists of

  1. A core library which you can use to send out various kinds of messages (SMS, MMS, WAP Push message, vCard, vCalendar, Smart SMS, flash SMS, etc).
  2. A utility program which serves as the demo to the library (with source code).
  3. A diagnostic program to analyze the capabilities of your devices (with source code).
  4. Bulk Gateway which can be used to send out messages in bulk (with source code).
  5. An open source SMS application server that you can customize to suit your needs.

The library currently supports AT commands, SMPP and MM1 protocols.

It also supports sending and receiving SMS through Android devices using the app which is available at Files

Since it is based on .NET, it requires .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0 to be installed.

More details can be found at

messagingtoolkit Barcode library is a C# barcode library that can be used in standalone Windows applications, ASP.NET web applications, and Windows Phone 7 applications.

More details can be found at

CDP is a content delivery platform which aims to delivery

  • A content filtering proxy server which can be used to extract relevant content from web pages, ignoring all the advertisements, and irrelevant contents.
  • A content indexing and categorization engine which can be used to index and categorize web pages
  • A analysis and heuristics engine which can be used for trend analysis
  • A delivery engine to deliver contents to different platforms, e.g. web browsers and mobile phones.

At this moment only the beta version of CDP Proxy is available.

Latest news

messagingtoolkit: is released
New features for HTTP APIs are added in this release
Added by admin over 4 years ago

messagingtoolkit: Viewer for MMS message
For any received MMS, you can use the MMS library to view the content of the file.
Added by admin almost 6 years ago

messagingtoolkit-mms: is released
A new version of the library is released now.
Added by admin almost 6 years ago

messagingtoolkit: is released
In this release, a number of defects have been fixed, and it also has been tested with Windows 10.
Added by admin almost 6 years ago

messagingtoolkit: is out
Release 1.8.10 is out now with support for Mono platform.
Added by admin almost 7 years ago

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