messagingtoolkit: Preview of SmartGateway GUI

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Below is the preview of SmartGateway GUI.

The Management Console is the administration GUI for SmartGateway. For the configured gateways, the communications will be based on .NET remoting.

The built-in web server hosts a ASP.NET MVC application for users to access the gateways through browsers. You can easily port and host the application in IIS.

The built-in database used is SQLite, but it can be easily changed to other databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

messagingtoolkit: Subproject Created for QRCode Library

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The QRCode library is the new website set up for the old open source QRCode library at

All the bug fixes and enhancements will be available in this new release.

Please note that the old QRCode library is no longer supported.

The Roadmap follows messagingtoolkit. It will be release together with the MMS feature.

The new website is available at

messagingtoolkit: Patch release is out

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This release fixes the followings

  • Issue #4 - Error Access to COM X is denied when there is problem in connecting
  • Issue #5 - Disable SIM PIN status check during connect establishment
  • Issue #6 - Problem Detecting Incoming Message using Trigger Mode

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