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This is the main WiKi page for messagingtoolkit. You can get more details on this project from this WiKi.


To download the latest version of messagingtoolkit, you should go to the Files module.

Please note that you need .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0 in order to use messagingtoolkit.

The Trial Edition has the following constraints
  • Maximum 2 gateways can be added for Bulk Gateway
  • All incoming and outgoing messages will be prefixed with [Trial]

To purchase a license, please see the Licensing page.


You can see some screenshots for messagingtoolkit in action from this page.

The demo program (with source code) should show you the core functionalities of the library

  • MessagingToolkit.Core.Utilities shows the core APIs available in the library
  • MessagingToolkit.Diagnostics is a tool to help you diagnose modem/handset capabilities
  • MessagingToolkit.BulkGateway is a production ready program that shows how to use multiple gateways to send out messages in bulk

Read here for more information

A Developer Guide to MessagingToolkit

How to check modem/handset capabilities

Services and Solutions

We are also providing services to develop customized messaging solutions. You can contact us either by posting the request in the Solutions & Services forum
or email us at


You can post questions in the forums. Please indicate if you are using a licensed copy. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


The project blog is available at

PDU Encoder and Decoder

As part of the messagingtoolkit, there is an integrated PDU encoder and decoder.
However, the old online version using Javascript is still accessible at