MessagingToolkit SmartGateway

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I have a school project, where I would like to include as part of the communication chain your MessagingToolkit SmartGateway (from Github) . I have purchased the toolkit from twit88, but seem to be unable to start this project on Windows 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2012 / 2017, can’t test VS2010, don’t know where to find that anymore.
The service will not start and VS 2017 does not completely understand your 2010 project.

I can not start the service, it stops with the SQL error you mention on Github, but suggested fix does not correct the error.
Are you able to help in this matter?

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RE: MessagingToolkit SmartGateway - Added by admin 9 months ago


With all modern technology stacks, I suggest that you can look at some of the newest framework, e.g.

- Front-end - React, Vue or Angular
- Web server - use ASP.NET web api, you can refer to

Using a Windows service, expose MessagingToolkit functions to the web front-end