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07:58 pm messagingtoolkit Support: tryin to decode QR image

I am not a developer
I am trying to your application code in C# but cant go through it
I am looking to d...
07:57 pm messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Core and PDU library
If you want to send and receive SMS/MMS via GSM modem, and Android phone then you need to use the Core Library...
07:56 pm messagingtoolkit Support: Core and PDU library
I want to use messagingtoolkit library to develop an sms application. The system will be using both GSM mod...
07:55 pm messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Connect multiple (2) or more Android devices to the One
Right now this feature is not implemented yet. One way you can do this is to use object pooling
- Create a ...
07:55 pm messagingtoolkit Support: Connect multiple (2) or more Android devices to the One
Please I need help on this.
Is it possible to connect multiple android phones using the mymobkit android ap...
07:54 pm messagingtoolkit Support: MMS PPP Protocol
I am a developer, I have a question about mms. If your app connect multiple modems and the sim card come from sa...
07:53 pm messagingtoolkit Support: RE: MessagingToolkit SmartGateway
With all modern technology stacks, I suggest that you can look at some of the newest framework, e.g.
- Fron...
07:53 pm messagingtoolkit Support: MessagingToolkit SmartGateway
I have a school project, where I would like to include as part of the communication chain your MessagingToolk...


01:16 am messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Error 96 sending SMS
Can you check if you can reset your device? It could be due to the device settings which are accidentally set ...


07:23 am messagingtoolkit Support: RE: About CMS ERROR: 513 Unable to store
This error is related to the GSM network. For the WaveComm and Sierra, can you trying exchanging the SIM to se...

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