How to set IMEI information on USB

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How can I set IMEI number on a connected usb using message toolkit?

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IMEI is not easy to change. Using AT command I think is not possible.

Some additional for you from the internet

The IMEI number consist of two fields. The first field identifies the manufacturer, the second is a serial number. It's much like the MAC address of an ethernet board. How will you choose the IMEI to use as you don't have a valid manufacturer ID.

There are no standard 'AT' command for setting these values as it's something that should be done by the manufacturer. Some devices allow you to set this using a special program. You'll have to obtian that information from the manufacturer.
The data card most likely acts as a modem, and most GSM modems support the ETSI GSM 07.07 standard.

You should get the IMEI by issuing AT+CGSN:

Request product serial number identification +CGSN

+CGSN action command syntax

Command Possible response(s)
+CGSN <sn>
+CME ERROR: <err>


Execution command causes the TA to return one or more lines of information text , determined by the ME manufacturer, which is intended to permit the user of the TA to identify the individual ME to which it is connected to.

Typically, the text will consist of a single line containing the IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity) number of the ME, but manufacturers may choose to provide more information if desired. Refer subclause 9.2 for possible <err> values.
Defined values

<sn>: the total number of characters, including line terminators, in the information text shall not exceed 2048 characters. Text shall not contain the sequence 0<CR> or OK<CR>